Course Description


Recent announcements of various next-generation, low-level graphics APIs have generated much enthusiastic interest among developers, and early results show dramatic performance gains over prior APIs. This introductory course provides an overview of switching from current to next-gen APIs; discusses similarities between next-gen APIs; covers basic API details for DirectX12, Vulkan, etc.; explores specific case studies from developers working with these APIs; and includes a chance to ask questions of a panel of spec writers and game developers.


Intended Audience


Attendees interested in learning about new graphics APIs, including students, rendering engineers, and others interested in DirectX 12, Vulkan, etc.




Knowledge of prior-generation graphics APIs.





9:00 am                Course Introduction and Welcome

                                Chris Wyman  (NVIDIA Research)


9:05 am                Next-Generation Graphics APIs:  Similarities and Differences

                                Tim Foley  (NVIDIA Research)


9:35 am                A Whirlwind Tour of Vulkan

                                Graham Sellers  (AMD)


10:05 am              Direct3D 12

                                Chas Boyd  (Microsoft)


10:35 am              Using Next-Generation APIs on Mobile GPUs

                                Jesse Hall  (Google)


11:05 am              Setting up Your Frame: How to Deal With an Asynchronous World

                                Dan Baker  (Oxide Games)


11:25 am              Porting Source 2 to Vulkan

                                Dan Ginsburg  (Valve)


11:45 am              Porting Unity to New APIs

                                Aras Pranckevičius  (Unity Technologies)


12:05 am              Panel Q&A Session





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